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1. What is so unique about RR Academy?

Our course ensures that students are gradually taught the subjects simultaneously over a period of time to ensure that the subjects in a systematic manner with significant emphasis on conceptual understanding.

2. In Chennai, we are used to classes getting over in 3-4 months during our study holidays. Is it worthwhile for a student to spend 1 year or more at RR Academy to attend classes? What is the advantage of a long duration class schedule?

At RR Academy we strongly believe that each of the eight subjects will have to be gradually learnt over a period of time. We at RR believe that learning has to happen slowly, systematically and gradually. We also believe that study holidays are only meant for studying and not for attending classes. A student at RR effectively completely their preparation atleast 2-3 months before the examination date which gives him/her ample time for revision and self study.

3. Since the classes are spread over 12 months and upwards, there could be instances where students are forced to miss classes due to outstation audits, how would the students then catch-up with those classes?

All the classes taken at RR Academy are digitally recorded. A student who has missed few classes or even otherwise has the option to come to the academy premises at any time during the working hours of the academy and revisit those chapters at his convenience.

4. Since the Classes are spread across a period of 12-18 months, wont the students find it difficult if the law gets amended, for example, changes made to the Income Tax Act, 1961 by the Union Budget etc.?

At RR Academy, we strive to equip the students with strong fundamental concepts in all subjects. As the subjects are taught through out the duration of the course, constant efforts are taken to ensure that the students are updated with such amendments.

5. Are there periodic tests being conducted for the students to check their understanding of the subjects?

RR is renowned in Chennai for its authentic test series and model examinations. At RR Academy periodic test modules shall be conducted at frequent intervals to ensure that students understand the subject in the manner in which it needs to be understood. Detailed feedback about their performance is shared with the students by the examiners. At RR we have a dedicated team engaged in the activity of creating test modules and correcting examination papers.

6. Where would the classes be held in Chennai?

RR Academy has its air conditioned class room studio in Nungambakkam with state of the art facilities. Classes shall be conducted at this location.

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“Aspire for sneakers but be grateful for the feet. Strive for the diamond ring, but be grateful for the fingers. In this way, this is one such institution which is grateful to its diligent students but strives to make them succeed with flying colors.”

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