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Course Course  Duration Subjects Offered Total Fee Enroll Today
CA / CPT for Class XI 2 Years Accountancy, Economics, Commercial Laws,
Quantitative Techniques
15,900.00 JoinToday
CA / CPT for Class XII 1 Year Accountancy, Economics, Commercial Laws,
Quantitative Techniques
16,900.00  JoinToday
for + 2 Completed Students
3 Months Accountancy, Economics, Commercial Laws,
Quantitative Techniques
16,865.00  JoinToday
CA (IPCC) Group I 9 Months Advanced Accountancy I, Tax, Costing & Financial Management, Law, Ethics & Business Communication 24,900.00 JoinToday
CA (IPCC) Group II 6 Months Advanced Accountancy II, Auditing & Assurance, Information Technology, Strategic Management 14,900.00  JoinToday
C A (Final) 5 Months Advanced Accountancy, Management and Advanced Financial Management, Direct and Indirect Taxes, Costing, MICS, Auditing 7,900.00
Per Subject
ACS (Foundation) 8 Months
  1. Business Environment & Entrepreneurship
    2. Business Management, Ethics and Communication
    3. Business Economics
    4. Fundamentals of Accounting & Auditing
16,900.00  JoinToday
ACS (Inter) Group I 6 Months Model – I
1. Company Law
2. Cost and Management Accounting
3. Economic and Commercial Laws
4. Tax Laws and Practice
13,000.00  JoinToday
ACS (Inter) Group II 6 Months Model – II
5. Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
6. Capital Markets and Securities Laws
7. Industrial, Labour and General Laws
13,000.00 JoinToday
ACS (Final) 6 Months Model – I
1. Advanced Company Law and Practice
2. Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence
3. Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency
19,800.00  JoinToday
Module – II
4. Information Technology and Systems Audit
5. Financial, Treasury and Forex Management
6. Ethics, Governance and Sustainability
19,750.00 JoinToday
Module – III
7. Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
8. Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings
15,750.00 JoinToday
ICWA (Foundation) 6 Months Paper 1: Fundamentals of Economics and Management
Paper 2: Fundamentals of Accounting
Paper 3: Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics
Paper 4: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistic
6,900.00 JoinToday
ICWA (Inter) Group I 6 Months Intermediate Course
Paper 5: Financial Accounting
Paper 6: Laws, Ethics and Governance
Paper 7: Direct Taxation
Paper 8: Cost Accounting and Financial Management
13,000.00 JoinToday
ICWA (Inter) Group II 6 Months Paper 9: Operation Management & Information System
Paper 10: Cost and Management Accountancy
Paper 11: Indirect Taxation
Paper 12: Company Accounts and Audit
13,000.00  JoinToday
ICWA (Final) Group III 6 Months Final Course
Paper 13: Corporate Laws and Compliance
Paper 14: Advanced Financial Management
Paper 15: Business Strategy & Strategic Cost Management
Paper 16: Tax Management and Practice
22,000.00  JoinToday
ICWA (Final) Group IV 6 Months Paper 17: Strategic Performance Management
Paper 18: Corporate Financial Reporting
Paper 19: Cost and Management Audit
Paper 20: Financial Analysis & Business Valuation
22,000.00  JoinToday
CIMA (gateway) 4 Months EM, FM & OPM 19,900.00 JoinToday

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