[u_heading]The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICWA)[/u_heading]

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India would be the preferred source of resources and professionals for the financial leadership of enterprises globally.”

“The Cost and Management Accountant professionals would ethically drive enterprises globally by creating value to stakeholders in the socio-economic context through competencies drawn from the integration of strategy, management and accounting.”

[u_heading]ICWA – Subjects Offered[/u_heading]

ICWA – Foundation Course

Fundamentals of Economics & Management

Prof. Karthick (Formerly Faculty of D.G Vaishnav College)
Prof. B. Sivakumar

Fundamentals of Accounting

Prof. CMA Nithya Baskar (Cost Accountant)

Fundamentals of Laws
& Ethics

Prof. Dr. K N Ramasamy (Formerly Faculty of Loyola College)
Prof. Dr. O S Saravanan (Faculty of Reputed University )

Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistic

Prof. Dr. R. Charles (Faculty of Reputed B. Ed College)
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[u_heading]Hall of Fame – ICWA Foundation / Inter / Final[/u_heading]

Bhargav Sriknathan
Year – 2004
Rank – Ist
Course – Foundation

K. Janani
Year – 2008
Rank – Ist
Course – Final

Year – 2009
Rank – Ist
Course – Final

S. Meena
Year – 2010
Rank – Ist
Course – Final

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